PULINA – Design aNd Architecture

A place of creation and experimentation in design

Involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, the Far East and The Middle East; P-DNA is a design and architecture studio specializing delivering prestigious projects such as private residences, hotels, and luxury yachts.

Located in the heart of the historical city of Pisa next to its leaning tower, our workshop brings together a team of interior and product designers of different backgrounds.
Our services encompass all stages of a project development: from research, concept, architecture and interior design, cost and project management, until the project’s completion.

Our approach is rooted in its design principles, we create environments and spaces that improve the quality of life of those who use and surround it.
Each single project is uniquely conceived, tailor made to the customer’s needs, creating for us an opportunity as well as a challenge which incites the innovation of defining the link between the client’s request and our concept.
Our passion for finding new forms and materials, makes our projects an experience of excitement and discovery for the client.

After years of collaboration with the highest qualified Italian craftsmanship, through the design and construction stages as well as incorporating high end brands in our projects, P-DNA guarantees a very unique Italian signature.

Alessandro Pulina


Born in Pisa he graduated with honors from the University of Florence, faculty of Architecture in 2003.

His background includes the worlds of arts, communication, technology and luxury design.

A very creative person who has now found his perfect medium for expression in interior design, with particular attention to the feelings and comforts of each client.

He was in charge for ten years, in the prestigious role of style manager at Azimut- Benetti SPA, international leader in the construction of luxury yachts made in Italy. He designs the interiors of the most sea’s jewels.

He likes to take chances and experiment, mixing materials, techniques, periods and styles in order to give the designs original shapes.

The character of Alessandro’s design is defined by the contraposition of aspects which can be antagonist, complementary and interdependent at the same time.

The passion for elegance and the obsessive attention to details creates an explosive mix for each project with an approach of quality bespoke tailoring.

Uniqueness is the key word which expresses his way of designing luxury interiors and products.

“A style, a rhythm and exquisite taste can give an interior a soul”